NekroWolf Studios: Audio Recording and Rehearsal Studio

Tethering a connection between Melbourne’s Music Industry and the South East of Melbourne!

Do you live in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne but don’t want to travel to the Melbourne CBD and beyond for your audio recording and rehearsal room services? Look no further than NekroWolf Studios: Recording and Rehearsal Studio. Based in Dandenong, with our in-house audio technician and producer, access to our studio equipment and the ability to go from rehearsal straight into recording to gauge your own level of live performance, we have everything you need for your audio recording, production and rehearsal needs!

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The Studio

Take a look at our equipment and facilities. Equipped for “silent recording” so you can go straight from rehearsal to group recording sessions.

Studio Creation and Consultation Services

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Video Gallery

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Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2 mixing desk/interface

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Networking and Greater Industry Resource Pool

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NekroWolf Productions

NekroWolf Productions: Underground Record Label

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Luke Kerberus
NekroWolf Studios: Owner/Operator, Audio Engineer
NekroWolf Productions: Audio Producer/Record Label Head

“As a musician of 18 years, i know the hardships and the obstacles that come with that path. I opened this studio to provide professional facilities for others to bring their musical creations to life in a more attainable way. Being based in South East Melbourne, I also noticed a lack of audio recording facilities and so I set out to bring more industry connections to this side of the city.”

Over the last 18 years, Luke has dedicated his time towards learning guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals capabilities alongside his ongoing composition work towards creating his 7 piece band ‘Legion of OblivAeon’ , based within many of the sub-genres of metal. His plans on opening the underground label ‘NekroWolf Productions’ are based on the principles of providing bands/acts with a much more profitable and beneficial record label to serve their needs and to maintain more overall diversity within the industry.

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